Tuesday, November 2, 2010

1915 School House

Photo For: Digital Design 3
 (This picture is an old school house that I saw out in the country and decided to stop and take a photo of.)
I did not have to do much editing to this photo, but I edited what I have on picnik.com. When I was taking the photo I decided to take it from an angle to give it more of an interesting look. I put the photo in black and white with a few other effects over it. The school house is really old and I thought it was interesting to find, it was in someones yard fenced off, so I took a picture of it from the road. I think its interesting because the building is from 1915 and it is actually in better shape than I think it should be. I mean the windows are broken but the bricks are still in place.
This building is not really what I want to take photos of. I would prefer to have more pictures with people. However I do like the fact that I didnt really have to edit it that much to make it a good photo.


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