Tuesday, November 30, 2010


For: Digital Design 3
Person: Ashtain Gaskill
Edited at Picnik.com
For this particular photo I used a posterize effect and cross processing.
I love this photo because just the simplicity of adding a glass coke bottle makes it interesting. If it were a plastic bottle or even just a can of coke, the photo would not be as interesting.
This photo has an "old time" feel to it because glass bottles were more popular in the past.
I took this photo in my own house which is a lot easier during the colder seasons and I can do more of "fashion" type shots. The only problem with that is, you have to work with the person more than the scenery. It is not hard to take a good picture outside because the scenery helps give your photo an art-like feel to it. I plan to try to take more photos like this and see where it gets me.

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