Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

Behind Blue Eyes

Subject: Gabriel Crago (Nephew)
For: Fun
I edited this on One of the amazing touch up features called wrinkle remover helped me hide a lot of his scars on the right side of his face from a car accident he was in. I love this photo because his blue eyes stand out so much and he is super adorable. The quality of this photo is also very clear. I want to take more photos like this one.

College Lights

Subject: Lights at a college in the winter
For: Fun
I edited this photo on and used cross prossesing. Most of the effect is from the camera. I was in a car and used a firework setting and this is what I came up with. I enjoy it because I like how the falling snow looks and the sense of movement all together in the picture is interesting.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Photo For: Digital Design 3
Person: Ashtain Gaskill
This picture was edited on I used a few touch up tools to make her eyes stand out more. Most of my effect was the lighting. I had a light held up close to her face too make her facial features stand out more than anything else. I really like this photo and it is different from my others.

Photo For: Digital Design 3
People: Jennifer Shaffer & Ashtain Gaskill
I edit this photo on and used my own lighting to make Jennifer stand out more than Ashtain. The goal I was shooting for in this photo was "good vs. evil." With Jennifer respresenting good and Ashtain representing evil. I like this photo, but I think it needs a little more than what it is.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


For: Digital Design 3
Person: Ashtain Gaskill
Edited at
For this particular photo I used a posterize effect and cross processing.
I love this photo because just the simplicity of adding a glass coke bottle makes it interesting. If it were a plastic bottle or even just a can of coke, the photo would not be as interesting.
This photo has an "old time" feel to it because glass bottles were more popular in the past.
I took this photo in my own house which is a lot easier during the colder seasons and I can do more of "fashion" type shots. The only problem with that is, you have to work with the person more than the scenery. It is not hard to take a good picture outside because the scenery helps give your photo an art-like feel to it. I plan to try to take more photos like this and see where it gets me.

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Photographs

I wanted to apologize for not have many new photos recently.
However I will be getting new ones in the near future.
Hopefully they turn out pretty good and you can enjoy them :)
Thank You for being so patient!

Taylor Kinley

Leaving the Past Behind

For: Digital Design 3
Person: Jennifer Shaffer
I edited this photo on
I used multiple effects to get this image, some of the being: Focal Zoom, Adjustable Threshold, and Vibrance.
There were many more effects used on it, but I was mainly just messing around so I do not remember most of the effects.
I very much enjoy this photo, it gives a feeling of walking away from something you do not want to be around. Or it could even be walking away and not wanting to really walk away from it.