Tuesday, November 30, 2010


For: Digital Design 3
Person: Ashtain Gaskill
Edited at Picnik.com
For this particular photo I used a posterize effect and cross processing.
I love this photo because just the simplicity of adding a glass coke bottle makes it interesting. If it were a plastic bottle or even just a can of coke, the photo would not be as interesting.
This photo has an "old time" feel to it because glass bottles were more popular in the past.
I took this photo in my own house which is a lot easier during the colder seasons and I can do more of "fashion" type shots. The only problem with that is, you have to work with the person more than the scenery. It is not hard to take a good picture outside because the scenery helps give your photo an art-like feel to it. I plan to try to take more photos like this and see where it gets me.

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Photographs

I wanted to apologize for not have many new photos recently.
However I will be getting new ones in the near future.
Hopefully they turn out pretty good and you can enjoy them :)
Thank You for being so patient!

Taylor Kinley

Leaving the Past Behind

For: Digital Design 3
Person: Jennifer Shaffer
I edited this photo on picnik.com.
I used multiple effects to get this image, some of the being: Focal Zoom, Adjustable Threshold, and Vibrance.
There were many more effects used on it, but I was mainly just messing around so I do not remember most of the effects.
I very much enjoy this photo, it gives a feeling of walking away from something you do not want to be around. Or it could even be walking away and not wanting to really walk away from it.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hidden Thoughts

Photo For: Digital Design 3
Person: Jennifer Shaffer
 (The grass was wet and it was really cold outside, and I am glad she agreed to take these photos.)
I edited this on Picnik.com and the used only a few tools. I used cross processing, vibrance, and the crop tool. The only thing I don't necessarily like about this photo is the reflection of the sun is on her head, but I do like the suns reflection because it makes the photo a little more interesting. I am very content with this photo and yet again plan to take more.


Sky of Mystery

Photo For: Digital Design 3
Person: Jennifer Shaffer
(This photo was taken in a field around 5:30PM.)
It was edited on Picnik.com. I just used the vibrance tool a couple times and cropped it just a little and this is what I came up with. I really like this photo because there wasnt a whole lot of editing and the timing for the photo was just right. The sun made the picture turn out very well. The picture is in a way mysterious because she is looking away wearing a black dress. I am very happy with this photo and I plan to keep taking some like this.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Caught in a Dream

Photo For: Digital Design 3
Person: Jennifer Shaffer
(This was also taken at the park. It was by a pond on a dock and she was laying down on it.)
To edit this photo I used picnik.com. I did some touching up on the face, and made the eyelashes darker. I used cross processing for the coloring effect of the photo. I also really enjoy this photo because her hair is all spread out and I feel like it just makes the picture a lot more artistic. I am very happy with this particular photo because it's edited very well and there is just something that draws me to this photo.

There's No Place Like Home

Photo For: Digital Design 3
Person: Jennifer Shaffer
(I am unsure of a title, and this was taken at a park in town.)
I used picnik.com to edit this photo. I used effects such as blur (for the background) and cross process which gave the photo a blueish-green color. I cropped the head off of this photo because I think its more eye drawing without it.
This is one of my favorite photos and I would like to be able to make more along the lines of this one. Of course I don't plan to take this exact photo. I would like to try different things, but make them artistic like this one.  


1915 School House

Photo For: Digital Design 3
 (This picture is an old school house that I saw out in the country and decided to stop and take a photo of.)
I did not have to do much editing to this photo, but I edited what I have on picnik.com. When I was taking the photo I decided to take it from an angle to give it more of an interesting look. I put the photo in black and white with a few other effects over it. The school house is really old and I thought it was interesting to find, it was in someones yard fenced off, so I took a picture of it from the road. I think its interesting because the building is from 1915 and it is actually in better shape than I think it should be. I mean the windows are broken but the bricks are still in place.
This building is not really what I want to take photos of. I would prefer to have more pictures with people. However I do like the fact that I didnt really have to edit it that much to make it a good photo.


Vampire Portrait

For: Digital Design 3
Person: Myself
(This is an edited self portrait of me as a vampire.)
I edited this photo on picnik.com and I created it because it was around Halloween, so there were new editing tools on the site. I decided to just messed around with them. I added fangs to my teeth and used many effects including texture and multiple halloween features.
I went into the picture not knowing what I wanted to do with it and ended up making myself a vampire.
I would rather take pictures of other people rather than myself though, and make the picture more artistic with less editing. I plan to find models to help acomplish this.
I enjoy this photo because I think they editing is really good and the pictures is really clear and not blurry.